Friday, January 26, 2024

Gram +ve cocci arranged in groups (clusters).. Staphylococci

Gram +ve cocci arranged in groups (clusters):

  • A- Streptococci.
  • B- Staphylococci.

The correct answer is: B. Staphylococci.

Here's why:

- Staphylococci:

are gram-positive cocci that typically arrange themselves in irregular clusters, resembling grapes under a microscope. This characteristic is where the name "staphylococcus" comes from, meaning "cluster of grapes."

- Streptococci:

are also gram-positive cocci, but they typically arrange themselves in chains of varying lengths. The name "streptococcus" means "twisted chain," reflecting their chain-like arrangement.

Therefore, based on the characteristic of being arranged in groups or clusters, Staphylococci is the most accurate answer for gram-positive cocci with this arrangement.