Sunday, February 11, 2024

not find in the flam photometry.. Cuvete for sample

Not find in the flam photometry:

  • A- Burner
  • B- Filter
  • C- Fuel source
  • D- Cuvete for sample
  • E- Photo.

While all the listed components are typically present in a flame photometer, there is one exception: C- Fuel source.

Here's why:

- Burner:

This is where the flame is produced, using a mixture of fuel and oxidant.

- Filter:

This isolates specific wavelengths of light emitted by the excited elements in the sample.

- Cuvette for sample:

This holds the liquid sample that is nebulized and introduced to the flame.

- Photodetector:

This measures the intensity of the filtered light emitted by the excited elements.

In modern flame photometers, the flame is typically sustained by an external source of heat, such as an electric heating element or a premixed gas mixture. This eliminates the need for a separate fuel source within the instrument itself. Therefore, C- Fuel source is not a necessary component of a flame photometer.