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which of the following is not laying eggs in small intestine.. pin worm

which of the following is not laying eggs in small intestine?

  • A- hook worm
  • B- t.saginata
  • C- pin worm***

Cracking the Egg Case: Who's Not Laying in the Small Intestine?

In the grand game of parasite life cycles, egg-laying location is a key player. Let's unravel the mystery of who's not laying in the small intestine among our three suspects:

A. Hookworm:

These cunning critters burrow into the small intestine walls, making it their prime egg-laying real estate. Imagine them tossing confetti inside your house!

B. Taenia saginata (Beef Tapeworm):

This party animal lives rent-free in the small intestine and throws its egg-filled confetti within its own segments, which then leave with your... well, you get the picture.

C. Pinworm:

This sneaky strategist lives in the large intestine, but its egg-laying extravaganza happens outside the body, on your skin near your... well, let's just say it's a bedtime spot.

So, who's the odd one out, the confetti culprit who prefers the great outdoors? That's right, it's the pinworm (C)! While its colleagues party in the small intestine, the pinworm throws its confetti bash on your skin, waiting for an unsuspecting hand to pick it up and deliver it to a new host's mouth.

Reasoning and Explanation:

- Hookworm and Taenia saginata:

Both have adapted to lay their eggs in the small intestine, where they have optimal access to nutrients and conditions for hatching.

- Pinworm:

This clever parasite takes a different approach. By laying its eggs outside the body, it increases the chances of transmission to a new host.


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Always practice good hygiene to avoid unwanted guests in your digestive system.