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After amalgam titrations, the mix should be placed within.. 1-3 min

After amalgam titrations, the mix should be placed within:

  • a- 1 min.
  • b- 3 min.
  • c- 5 min.

The correct answer is a- 1 min.

Here's a more detailed explanation:

Timeline for amalgam placement:

- Trituration:

The amalgam alloy and mercury are mixed in an amalgamator for a specified time, usually around 5-10 seconds.

- Immediate Condensation:

Immediately after trituration, the amalgam should be condensed into the prepared tooth cavity within 1 minute.

Reasons for prompt placement:

- Working time:

The freshly mixed amalgam has a limited working time before it begins to harden. Delaying placement can lead to difficulties in condensation and adaptation to the cavity walls.

- Mercury evaporation:

Mercury is released as a vapor during trituration and continues to evaporate over time. Prolonged exposure to mercury vapor can pose health risks. Expediting placement minimizes this exposure.

- Strength and integrity:

Proper condensation within the initial minute is crucial for ensuring optimal strength, marginal integrity, and long-term success of the amalgam restoration.

Key points:

  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for trituration time and speed.
  • Have all necessary instruments and materials ready for immediate placement.
  • Work efficiently to condense the amalgam within the 1-minute timeframe.
  • Avoid any delays or interruptions during the placement process.