Wednesday, January 24, 2024

In an alginate impression material, tri sodium phosphate is the.. retarder

In an alginate impression material, tri sodium phosphate is the:

  • A- filler.
  • B- reactor.
  • C- retarder.
  • D- accelerator.

The correct answer for the role of tri sodium phosphate (TSP) in an alginate impression material is: C. Retarder

Here's why the other options are incorrect:

A. Filler:

TSP doesn't function as a filler in alginate impression materials. Fillers like diatomaceous earth are added to provide bulk and improve handling characteristics.

B. Reactor:

While TSP interacts with calcium sulfate to initiate the cross-linking reaction, it isn't considered the primary reactor. Calcium sulfate itself drives the setting reaction in alginates.

D. Accelerator:

TSP actually slows down the setting reaction by binding to calcium ions that would otherwise participate in the cross-linking process. Therefore, it acts as a retarder, allowing more working time for manipulating the impression before it sets.

In summary, tri sodium phosphate plays a crucial role in extending the working time of alginate impression materials, making them easier to handle and ensuring accurate impressions.