Friday, January 26, 2024

Most common cyst oral cavity.. Radicular cyst

Most common cyst oral cavity:

  • A. Radicular cyst.
  • B. Peridontal cyst.

The most common cyst in the oral cavity is: A. Radicular cyst.

Here's why:

- Radicular cysts:

These are also known as periapical cysts and make up around 65-70% of all cysts in the oral cavity. They develop around the root tip of a tooth that has become infected and necrotic.

- Peridontal cysts:

These are much less common, accounting for only about 5-10% of oral cysts. They form in the gum tissue around the teeth, usually due to chronic inflammation.

Therefore, while both types of cysts can occur in the oral cavity, radicular cysts are significantly more prevalent.