Sunday, January 7, 2024

Patient with complete denture pronouncing F as a V.. anterior teeth are upward from lip line

Patient with complete denture pronouncing F as a V:

  • A- anterior teeth are upward from lip line.
  • B- Placement of maxillary anterior teeth in complete dentures too far from superiorly and anteriorly might result in difficulty in pronouncing F and V sounds.

Both points A and B accurately explain why a patient with complete dentures might be pronouncing "F" as "V".

Here's a breakdown of the reasons:

A. Anterior teeth upward from lip line:

- Labiodental sounds:

Both "F" and "V" are labiodental sounds, meaning they require contact between the upper lip and lower teeth for proper articulation. This contact helps direct the airflow for each sound.

- Incorrect positioning:

If the anterior teeth are positioned above the lip line, there's inadequate contact with the lower lip. This disrupts the airflow necessary for producing the distinct "F" sound and can result in it sounding more like "V".

- Loss of precision:

The upper lip plays a crucial role in shaping the airflow for "F" and "V". When the anterior teeth are not in their natural position, the lip loses its ability to manipulate the airflow as effectively, leading to sound substitutions.

B. Maxillary anterior teeth too far superiorly and anteriorly:

- Distance to lower lip:

Similar to point A, this positioning creates too much distance between the upper and lower teeth, hindering the lip's ability to contribute to proper sound production.

- Altered airstream:

The ideal position for "F" and "V" requires a focused airstream directed against the lower lip. When the teeth are too far forward, the airstream becomes dispersed and less controlled, making it difficult to achieve the specific sound of "F".

- Overlapping with lower lip:

In some cases, the misplaced upper teeth might even overlap with the lower lip, further obstructing the airflow and making it even harder to distinguish between "F" and "V".

Overall, both points highlight the importance of proper positioning of the anterior teeth in complete dentures not only for aesthetics but also for optimal speech function. A skilled dentist can adjust the denture placement and tooth arrangement to ensure proper contact with the lower lip and facilitate clear pronunciation of all sounds, including "F" and "V".