Monday, January 8, 2024

The physician is going to remove the chest tube from a client.. Empty bottles

The physician is going to remove the chest tube from a client. The nurse should least likely prepare which of the following item?

  • a. Sterile gauze
  • b. Suture removal kit
  • c. Empty bottles
  • d. Adhesive tape

The least likely item the nurse should prepare for chest tube removal is: c. Empty bottles

Here's why:

- Sterile gauze:

Sterile gauze is often used to apply pressure at the insertion site after the tube is removed to help control any bleeding.

- Suture removal kit:

Depending on how the chest tube was secured, the nurse may need to remove sutures as part of the removal process.

- Adhesive tape:

Adhesive tape may be needed to secure the dressing applied after tube removal.

- Empty bottles:

While it's important to have empty drainage bottles on hand as a backup, typically the chest tube drainage system is already in place and connected to empty bottles. Replacing the bottles during removal is not a usual step.

Therefore, considering the typical steps involved in chest tube removal, empty bottles are the least likely item the nurse would need to prepare beforehand.

However, it's important to note that specific preparation may vary depending on the institution's protocol and the individual patient's situation. Always refer to the physician's orders and your practice's guidelines for definitive instructions.