Wednesday, January 17, 2024

To detect AML we use.. Sudan black

To detect AML we use:

  • A- Sudan black
  • B- Gimsa stain
  • C- Field stain
  • D- Leishman stain.

To detect Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), the most accurate and commonly used stain is: B) Gimsa stain.

Here's why:

- Sudan black:

This stain is primarily used for identifying neutral lipids and is not specific to AML cells.

- Field stain:

This is a quick and simple stain used in emergency situations, but it doesn't provide the detailed cell morphology needed for accurate AML diagnosis.

- Leishman stain:

This stain is commonly used for parasites like Leishmania and is not as effective in differentiating AML cells from other cell types.

- Gimsa stain:

This is a specific stain that allows for clear visualization of the morphology of blood cells, including the characteristic features of AML blasts (immature white blood cells). It enables detailed analysis of cell size, nuclear shape, and cytoplasmic characteristics, which are crucial for accurate AML diagnosis.

Therefore, while other stains might have some uses in specific situations, Gimsa stain is the primary and most reliable tool for detecting AML in bone marrow and blood samples.