Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The first nursing intervention should be done in the recovery room is.. do suction to the airway

The first nursing intervention should be done in the recovery room is:

  • A. give the patient analgesics.
  • B. put the patient in recovery position.
  • C. take vital signs and record.
  • D. do suction to the airway.

The most appropriate first nursing intervention in the recovery room after surgery depends on the patient's individual condition and the type of surgery they underwent. However, in most cases, the priority will be ensuring immediate stabilization and monitoring.

Therefore, the best answer is: C. Take vital signs and record.

Here's why the other options might not be the first priority:

A. Give the patient analgesics:

While pain management is crucial, assessing the patient's overall state and vital signs comes first to inform medication decisions.

B. Put the patient in recovery position:

This position is typically used for unconscious patients, which may not be the case in all recovery room situations.

D. Do suction to the airway:

Suctioning might be necessary based on individual needs, but vital signs provide a baseline assessment first.

Taking and recording vital signs like temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation provides the initial clinical picture of the patient's recovery progress. This information helps the nurse identify any immediate complications or potential concerns that need further intervention. Based on these vital signs, other interventions like pain management, airway management, or positioning can be prioritized and tailored to the specific patient's needs.

Remember, this is a general guideline and actual priority actions may vary depending on individual patient factors and specific protocols followed by the medical facility.