Friday, January 5, 2024

One of the followings is not from the five rights of drug administration.. Right place

One of the followings is not from the five rights of drug administration:

  • A- Right place
  • B- Right patient
  • C- Right dose
  • D- Right time.

The five rights of drug administration do not include D- Right time.

While timing medication appropriately is crucial for optimal effectiveness and minimized side effects, it isn't considered one of the five core principles.
The five rights of medication administration are:

Right drug:

Ensuring the patient receives the intended medication.

- Right dose:

Administering the correct amount of the medication.

- Right route:

Delivering the medication through the appropriate route, such as orally, topically, or intravenously.

- Right patient:

Verifying the medication is intended for the specific patient receiving it.

- Right time:

This principle is not included in the standard five rights, but timing is still an important consideration for safe and effective medication administration.

Therefore, you correctly identified "Right time" as not belonging to the five core principles. However, proper medication administration also includes timing the dose according to the prescribed schedule and considering potential interactions with other medications or food.

It's always important to prioritize safe and effective medication practices by following healthcare professional guidelines and ensuring all six aspects are addressed: the five rights plus the right time.