Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Behcet's disease - kind castles syndrome .. genital lesions in the scrotum, penis and urethra. Cervical, vaginal and cervical. Anal and tendon areas and perineum

Behcet's disease:
Venereal ophthalmic castaneous syndrome
Bahgat's syndrome is characterized by:
- Repeated ulcers in the mouth.
Genital ulcers.
- Ocular manifestations such as erythema and ciliary body.
- Skin manifestations.
Clinical manifestations:
- Skin manifestations
- Hemodial nodules.
- multicolored.
- Udy-shaped eruption (such as young pills).
Sublingual abscesses. Pancreatic lesions.
General features:
- Thrombophlebitis.
Arthritis: multiple joints.
- A cerebrovascular syndrome similar to multiple sclerosis.
Features of mucous membranes:
- Membrane lesions are single or multiple with a dirty gray base surrounded by a red halo, mucus, pharynx, lips and tongue may be infected.
- Ulcers may leave scarring.
- Ulcers painful and cause severe pain may interfere with food and speech and lead to the smell of foul mouth.
Genital manifestations:
- Ulceration in the scrotum penis and urethra.
- ulceration in the labia, vagina and cervix.
- Ulceration in the area of ​​the anus and areas of the pelvic and perineum.
- The ulcers are sorely sore.
- The healing of ulcers may lead to scarring and deformity in the shape.
In-kind manifestations:
- The pain about pilgrims is severe and fear of light.
- conjunctivitis and pimples of the anterior chamber of the eye, iris and ciliary body inflammation.
- Blindness may be the last stage, as this is caused by the atrophy of the optic nerve.