Saturday, November 11, 2017

Cases where no vaccine is given to the triplet .. redness and swelling of the site of the injection or the occurrence of a state of deep relaxation or the occurrence of neurological convulsions

Cases where no vaccine is given:
Sensitivity, sharp rise in heat, redness or severe swelling of the injection site, severe relaxation or neurological convulsions after a previous dose of the vaccine. Or sensitivity to some vaccine components. Sensitivity to some vaccine components such as Neomycin, Strepromycin, or Polymyxin B. Triglycerides do not contain live microbes and therefore there is no specific guidance on its use in children with immunosuppression. Remember, you should pay attention to the type of vaccine used, especially after the age of 7 years, where the diphtheria vaccine (DT) or triglyceride vaccine is given. The vaccine is used after 5 years with the use of adult diphtheria (dT) or adult developed vaccine.