Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Causes of hyperhidrosis in the place.. Nervous and psychological tensions. Increase sympathetic nervous system activity. Pain and psychological distress. Fear and physical effort

Very common due to different reasons.
It is a particular physiological, occupational and social problem when several lines of treatment fail to control this condition.
the reasons:
- Emotional hyperhidrosis or due to nervous and psychological tensions.
- Any age or gender may be affected by this problem. This may be localized where it affects the palms and soles or extends to the injury of the armpits and areas of the wrists or wrists, as excessive sweating occurs when the patient is exposed to certain stimuli.
Family factors:
Nerve factors:
- Increase the activity of the sympathetic nervous system as in the child hyperactive and emotional balance disorder and motor vascular instability, all of which cause increased sweating.
Physical factors:
- Several factors may cause the condition such as pain, psychological distress, fear and physical exertion.