Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Causes redness of the buccal mucosa .. Kaposi sarcoma. Pemphigoid mucous membranes. Pellagra. Inflammation of the gums and mouth HSV. Deficiency of vitamins, iron and folate

Redness of the buccal mucosa:
the reasons:
Chronic gingivitis is a major cause of redness of the gums.
- Simple stomatitis.
- Balagra: The sides of the tongue are acidic and may recently become red for a diet.
- Malabsorption: mucous membranes of the sun and red pudenda.
- Flat lichen.
- Diabetic disease in mucous membranes.
- The allergic conditions in mucus mucus resulting from mouthwashes, chewing gum, toothpastes and others.
Red Spot.
- Vascular and vascular tumors such as carcinoma.
- Wagner's granular disease.
- Sarcuma Kabuzi.
- The expansion of capillaries may be a manifestation of the expansion of family hemorrhagic haemorrhagic or systemic sclerosis or may be followed by radiotherapy.
- Flat lichen.
- Lupus erythema.
- Sarcoma Kabuzi may appear in the form of a smudge or a reddish or rosy creed.
- Vitamin deficiency, iron and pholite may occur red tongue.
- The geographical tongue may also appear as red spots.