Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Diseases of the lips - causes of Cheilitis.. Inflammation of the lips. Hypersensitivity. Pelvic lipitis. Inflammation of the corners of the lips. Lipitis associated with other diseases and syndromes

Diseases of the lips:
Several factors may cause allergic or bacterial infections.
The lower lip is the most common injury.
The lesion may be located in the lip or may extend to the mucous skin next to the skin and even to the skin of the face.
Causes of Lipitis:
1- Infections:
Candidiasis is the most common infection of newborns, infants and young children. Infection may be severe and may interfere with breastfeeding and may be widespread affecting all mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.
2- allergic lipitis:
Local hypersensitivity due to sucking pills that are sometimes used for sore throat.
Special oral cleaners containing toothpaste containing fluorine.
Conjunctivitis of some foods such as lemon orange tomatoes, juices and additives for food.
In older age groups the cause is cosmetics such as lipstick.
3- Biochemical Sensitivity:
Hypersensitivity causes inflammation of the lips. The lips may become crusty, cracked, swollen, and may lead to laceration, which is a cancerous vanguard.
4- Pelvic lipitis:
The mucous ducts become pus, causing runny saliva and mucus especially during sleep and when dry causes inflammation of the lips.
The mucous glands may swell and that condition may lead to a cancerous transition.
Osteoarthritis: Cracking the lips As it becomes painful and bleeding, tooth decay may be considered an important predictor.
Lipitis associated with other diseases and syndromes: The upper lip usually affects the lower lip.
Flat lichen.
Lupus erythema.
Mongolian (Down Syndrome).
Vitamin deficiency especially riboflavin.
Drug reaction, phenophthalmine causes excessive blue pigmentation in the lips, and other drugs such as sulfa may cause a constant drug rush.