Friday, November 17, 2017

Expressions in the laser.. Directed beam. Laser medium. Electromagnetic pattern. Heat retreat time. Fumigation. Diving curve

Expressions in the laser:
- Guided beam: Low-density beam helium neon is used to direct the invisible laser to the treated area area.
- Laser medium (active medium): is a material used to produce a laser beam.
- Temoo: The least likely case is "gaussian" or bell-shaped for optical density across the cross section of the laser beam.
- Tem: Occasional magnetic electromagnetism.
- Argon: Gas is used as a laser medium.
- Evaporation: is a coup of the body solid or liquid to vapor.
- Collimation: Each radiation from the laser is parallel to each other.
- Coherent radiation Some wave lengths move together to different regions.
- Heat retreat time: The time it takes for the heat to spread outside the treated area, which is shorter than the time required to heat or spread out of the target. Heat damage must be mostly on the desired goal of treatment.
Target location: The fabric that is designed or heated by a laser beam.
- Gaussian diving curve: Curved is a natural specialist showing the peak with each distributed towards the other side.
- Mode: The way the laser is distributed.