Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Factors Affecting Skin Color.. Ethnic factors. Inflammation. pharmaceutical. Physiological pigmentation. Thiazide. Sulfonamides. Minocycline. Topical sensitizers such as suraline

Factors Affecting Skin Color:
1 Ethnic factors: The number of melanocytes when Negroes and Caucasians are one while the formation and deposition or pigmentation of the pigment in the Negroes is much higher than the other veins.
2. Inflammation: Several skin diseases after recovery with hyperpigmentation.
Medications: Thiazide may lead to hyperpigmentation of generalized skin.
Special drug reactions to sulfonamides, Minocycline may cause excessive pigmentation on the feet, legs, thighs and buttocks.
Topical photosensitizers such as suraline and cosmetics contain some excitations such as almond oil and others that may cause hyperpigmentation.
4 Physiological pigmentation: Skin dabing occurs due to UV exposure and cost in some pregnancies.