Friday, November 17, 2017

Instructions for skin care after laser surgery.. Prevents makeup. Wash the face gently with water. Do not be exposed to sunlight. Acyclovir pills. Cephalosporin

Instructions for skin care after laser surgery:
The patient must adhere strongly to the following:
1- Do not rub, squirt or apply pressure to the treated area until skin changes such as redness, erythema and scaling are eliminated.
2- Prevent make-up if there is a severe reaction such as hemorrhoids and vesicles in the treated area.
3- gently wash face with water may be allowed, while swimming delay until 2 4 weeks to avoid chlorine effect.
4- The treated area should be kept away from exposure to sunlight and sunscreens should be used for two weeks and four weeks after treatment.
5- Hyperpigmentation following laser and scarring are the main problems of laser surgery. To alleviate this, the following formulation can be used for two weeks before and after 8 weeks of treatment.
Retin A 2% 2% Retin A
Hydrocortisone 2% 2% Hydrocortisone
Hydroxyquinone 4% 4% Eldoquine
This formulation should be prepared in a special cream base and must be kept in the refrigerator so as not to become black.
Can be used gently twice a day, vehicle concentrations can be adjusted according to skin pattern, treatment condition and age of the patient.
6- Acyclovir pills are used 5 days prior to the procedure in patients with anecdotal lesions.
7- Oral antibiotics such as cephalosporin can be given as a preventive measure.