Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Lichen sclerosus.. Stenosis and atrophy in the genital and anal regions. Collagen degeneration. White ribbed papules are slightly elevated with a central reduction

Lichen sclerosus:
It is the disease of the connective tissue of the immune system, which affects all ages and is associated with antibodies (antibodies of the quality of the organ).
Clinical manifestations:
- Primary lesion is a slightly elevated white ribbed papillae with a central reduction representing a blockage.
Porphyria is also a manifestation of loss of vascular support as a result of collagen degeneration.
Common places of injury are the back and front of the trunk. Anal genital areas may become infected leading to stiffness and atrophy in the genital and anal regions.
- Distinctive tissue changes. They include thrombocytopenia and macular degeneration in the basal layer, atrophy of dermis, hypercirculation and obstruction as in lupus erythematosus.