Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Neurofibromatosis.. Axillary freckles. Leish nodules and the miraculous tumor in the iris - Hamartoma

"Coffee with milk" patches or plaques that appear in 90% of cases of neurofibromatosis may appear early and are round or oval spots with light brown pigmentation.
One or two of the smears are not diagnosed in the absence of other signs of the disease. But if you find six or more of these spots, the risk of fibromyalgia is high.
The extensive melanoma smears may also occur and resemble the observed in Albright syndrome. Stains usually appear in a special location on both sides of the midline of the abdomen and back.
Axillary freckle is common in neurofibromatosis and is helpful in diagnosis.
Lesch nodules and the miraculous tumor in the iris (Hamartoma) are found in most patients over the age of 6 years.