Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Parakeratosis of Meibeli.. Dry annular plates, surrounded by a soft, high-velvety wall sometimes showing grooves on the surface

Parakeratosis of Meibeli:
It is the disease of corneal abnormalities. May be familial, inherited as an autosomal dominant or acquired in the context of certain diseases.
Clinical manifestations:
Pests may be single or multiple, which appear in dry, annular plates, surrounded by a high, soft, curved wall that occasionally shows grooves on the surface. The center is often delusional but may be overly corneal.
The most common places are the limbs, face, and genital areas that show a tendency to spread in a concentric manner. Mucous membranes may become infected, such as mucus of the mouth and the cornea.
Forms of "Porokeratosis" Coronary dysplasia, paracetamus.
* Linear or angular shape:
- The lesions are mainly lateral lesions.
- The disease may be associated with the parathyroid joint diffusion.
Paracetamol is a very common form that occurs in midlife in people exposed to long periods of sun, where lesions mainly appear on sun-exposed places without malignant changes.
- 2% Salicylic acid ointment.
- Fluorouracil 5% ointment is also effective.
- Rural treatment (cold).
- Co2 laser may be useful in severe lesions.
- Atterines are a second line of treatment but side effects such as erythematosus and irritation may be determined from its use sometimes.