Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Skin manifestations of diabetes.. Biodegradable diuretics. Granular granuloma. Vitiligo. Diabetes neuropathy. Not sweating

Skin manifestations of diabetes include:
* Diabetic biodegradation
* Granuloma annulare is pale or glowing papules that are white-pressed and show granular rings in white skin papules, especially on the back of the fingers and hands. Circumcision may also occur due to tick bites and drug rush.
* Vitiligo: There is an increase in the disappearance of pigment in patients with diabetes for a long time.
* Diabetes neuropathy: Red oval papules are dark, may show small vesicles ulceration leaving behind small ulcers left after healing pigmented atrophic spots.
5. Nausea: Usually appear on spots and this is caused by diabetic neuropathy and causes heat intolerance.