Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Solar radiation.. Dark skin is more resistant to the effects of the sun. People with blond, white skin and blue eyes are more vulnerable

Solar Radiation:
The Earth's incoming radiation is either visible or invisible. The serious effect of the optical spectrum is ultraviolet radiation, which is two types:
- UVA which forms (10%) and low intensity in the afternoon.
- UVB (90%) of the ultraviolet rays of the earth.
Solar radiation consists of an electromagnetic spectrum ranging from short-range X-rays or gamma rays to high-energy rays and long wavelengths such as ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared radiation (short-wave) and radio waves. Most of the harmful solar radiation is largely absorbed into the atmosphere by ozone, about 20 km above sea level.
Factors Affecting Skin Reaction of Radiation Effect:
Skin rejuvenation caused by the influence of sunlight depends on several factors are mainly:
1 Age: Children are more susceptible because of their soft skin (slave).
2 Skin type: People with blond and white skin and blue eyes are more susceptible to sunlight than Asians and Znog. Dark skin is more resistant to the effects of the sun and this is due to increased number and activity of pigmented bodies in people with dark skin.
3 Exposure time: The harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation is more at noon (10 am and 4 pm). The effects of UVA decrease at 4 pm This is caused by the fact that most of the radiation burns after this time and there are few in the atmosphere either radiation effects Ultraviolet UVB is often used in all daylight.
4 Exposure location: Exposure to the coastline is more effective due to UVR reflection with water and sand. The snow also reflects "UVR" and this is why the effect is more in the snowy mountains.
5 Exposure time: The effect is greater with increased exposure time especially those whose skin is not exposed to direct sunlight such as infants and children.
6 Immune factors:
Immune factors have an important role. Patients with visual sensitivity are more likely to have radiation effects, which may include even areas covered by the body.
7 Drugs:
Systemic drugs:
The effect of solar radiation is more severe in patients taking light-sensitive drugs such as tetracycline and phenothiazine.
Topical preparations:
Topical suraline Plants containing furcomarin, perfumes, cosmetics and almond oil in different compounds may act as a visceral sensor and cause inflammation of the skin.