Saturday, November 11, 2017

TB vaccine Bacterial bacterial disease through air, breath or cough.. General fatigue and high in heat with night sweats and loss of weight

TB vaccine BCG:
Tuberculosis or tuberculosis is an infectious bacterial disease that occurs when the child is exposed to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. The infection is mainly caused by air, breath or cough. The disease mainly affects the lungs but may affect various organs and develops slowly, leaving serious symptoms. Tuberculosis kills two million people a year worldwide. It is important to differentiate between infection and infection.
The infected person is a person who has been exposed to the bacteria at some point, but his immune system is able to encircle the bacteria and prevent the development of the disease and the emergence of symptoms and therefore the person infected with infection does not spread to others.
The person who has the disease shows symptoms of cough, fatigue, fever, sweating, loss of weight, death, and lack of proper treatment. The patient is pregnant and can transmit the infection to others.
The TB vaccine or BCG is a vaccine that helps protect against tuberculosis. It is given to children and young people in some countries where tuberculosis is prevalent and spread.