Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The reasons for the categorical form of sweating .. Topical antiperspirants containing aluminum sulfate. Congenital absence of ethnic glands. Clogged ethnic channels or their mouths

Absolute shape of the sweat:
This figure occurs in:
Horner's syndrome has many sclerosis.
the reasons:
- Newborn and premature infants usually show no temporary sweating for several weeks likely because of temporary immaturity of the nerves.
- Neural causes: Head trauma Heading rate Histria Surgical neurological problems.
- Surgery: Tumors in the third ventricle regions lead to the absence of control of the hypothalamic centers of the hypothalamus.
- Blockage of the ethnic channels or their mouths leads to the retention of sweat and atherosclerosis as in the diphtheria dermatitis conjunctivitis dermatitis diphtheria and psoriasis.
- Topical antiperspirants containing aluminum sulfate. This form of non-sweating is the most common watch in general practice.
- Post-removal of the amniotic node leads to no sweating in the areas afflicted by these nerve fibers.
- Peripheral peripheral nerve fibers degenerate as in peripheral neuropathy and diabetes.
- Medications: sympathetic sympathomas, atropine, similarities and topical drugs.
- The genetic absence of ethnic glands, both in localized and generalized areas, as in genetically defective dendritic dystrophy.
- Atrophy of sweat glands as in burns.
- Radiation dermatitis.
Some diseases such as scleroderma and idiopathic dermatitis are accompanied by an unknown cause.
- Treatment is usually unsuccessful without controlling the causative agent.
- Treatment of complications resulting from the retention of sweat such as smoke.
Public means:
- Avoid extreme effort.
Avoid exposure to heat (hot weather).
- Air conditioners and air fresheners may benefit the patient.
- Sweat retention.