Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Treat Gangrenous stomatitis.. mucosal ulcers in the mouth and genitals. Disinfectants mild oral. Tetracycline suspension. Antibiotics

Favorable mouthwash:
- occurs in children with bad nutrition. Lack of resistance and lack of dental hygiene.
- Pests manifest mucus ulcers in the mouth and genitalia and become quickly favorable.
- The condition may extend to the surrounding tissue and may severely injure the bone and may be fatal.
- Proper oral health care and repair of predisposing factors.
- Light oral disinfectants.
- Oral tetracycline suspension, kept for several minutes in the mouth to perform a local effect.
- Keep in mind in the treatment of neonates and young children Balttrascalan. Another antibiotic suspension such as erythrocin or zithromax may be an alternative in small age groups.
- Antibiotics.