Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Treatment of acne scars .. Peeling fruit acids such as glycolic acid. UV. Laser surface removal Co2. Chop the skin

Treatment of the following scars for acne:
- Peeling fruit acids such as glycolic acid, and these preparations are available in several concentrations of 10% 70% of the concentration of a little 10% can be used in the patient, according to the advice of the doctor.
Peeling: gives good results for surface scarring and surface wrinkles.
- Ultraviolet radiation: useful in some cases, especially in the mixed acne pests of papules and vesicles PUVA, which provokes superficial degradation and lead to the improvement of skin lesions. Deep scars need repair by exfoliation of the scar tissue and injection of topical collagen or lipid injection.
- Laser Surface Removal Co2: It is currently used to soften and repair surface dermis.
Dermabrasion: A method that has been used for a long time to treat the following scarring of the count, is performed with a rotating brush applied to scars. This method needs to be warned and more at work due to undesirable results that may result.