Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Treatment of Androgenic alopecia .. Anti - androgens. Topical Materials. Minoxidil

Treatment of androgenic alopecia:
The side effects of anti-androgen inhibitors limit their use in males.
In females, there is some specific evidence for hair growth using cyproterone acetate, but generally this drug, 50 mg / day with ethylyl estradiol, may be said to prevent excessive promotion of hair loss.
Topical Materials:
- Minoxidil: 2% -5% (Regaine) is a topical formulation used to treat hair loss. It is a derivative of Piperidinopyrimidine. Its effect is an effective and potent vasodilator that is orally effective to reduce severe blood pressure.
The drug should be used twice daily for a long period not less than 6 months. When the drug is applied topically and the container contains 10% propylene glycol, minoxidil may show the endotracheal-to-endoprosthesis in about 30% of the population.