Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Treatment of foul-smelling sweating (bromidrosis) .. Dusting powders especially for the feet before wearing socks. Deodorants. Antiseptic soaps antibacterial

- Treatment of the cause if possible.
- General cleaning of the body and frequent baths.
- Changing socks and underwear frequently, using tight clothes and avoiding excessive sweating.
- Avoid some types of food such as high protein, garlic, spices.
- Ventilation of the area.
- Special dust powders for feet before wearing socks. Dip the feet in potassium permanganate A: 2000 or formaldehyde solution.
- Deodorants: Available in different preparations, beware of localized allergies caused by certain compounds.
Antibacterial disinfectant soap such as Cidal.