Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Causes and methods of treating high temperatures in children

High temperature in children:

Fever or high temperatures are common in children, and it is one of the methods that the body adopts to combat diseases and infections. or in the mouth.

High temperature in newborns:

The temperature is considered high for newborns who have not exceeded a month when it reaches thirty-eight point five degrees, and it is a slight rise that can be treated by some household means or medicines, and here we have to learn well how to deal with the issue of high temperature in children, which means that its rise is more than the aforementioned rate It is necessary to go immediately to the hospital or specialist so that we can avoid complications that may occur to the child as a result of the continued high body temperature for a long time.

As for infants aged from one month to eight months, if their body temperature rises above thirty-seven degrees Celsius, we must first monitor the danger signs in order to know whether the child should be taken urgently to visit the doctor or wait a little, and among the danger signs we monitor:
  • Coma or loss of consciousness in the child.
  • The occurrence of tremors and spasms at the level of the body.
  • The body temperature does not drop after drinking the medicine.

In the event that these signs occur, you should go directly to see a doctor. If these indicators are not present, and the child, despite his high body temperature, is still able to move, eat, and other things, in this case, he can wait for a period ranging between one and two days, while taking care to use the medicines regularly. If the temperature does not drop, a specialist should be visited to obtain the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Methods of treating high temperatures in children:

There are several treatments for high temperatures in children that can be divided into means to reduce the temperature that precede medications and medical treatments, i.e. medicines, and regarding means of reducing the temperature, we talk in this context about:
  • Reducing the clothes a child wears when his body temperature is high.
  • Bathing with lukewarm water helps to reduce body temperature.
  • The use of poultices, which is an effective way to reduce the temperature of children, but emphasis must be placed on the placement of the poultice, as it must be placed in places where there are major blood veins, such as the bottom of the armpits, the neck, and the groin.

Medicinal solutions:

If these methods do not achieve the desired result and the temperature continues to rise, one should go to the medicinal therapeutic solutions, and here it should be emphasized the need to use paracetamol, as it is able to reduce the temperature in a short period without possible complications. In this context, it is recommended to respect the number of daily doses and the time interval between them, which is the rate of each Six hours, and finally, if the temperature continues to rise despite all these therapeutic solutions, you must go directly to the specialist to detect the cause of the fever and treat it.