Sunday, April 30, 2023

Causes and signs of constipation in children.. Change in the nature of intestinal movement and the state of defecation

What is constipation?

Constipation, which a person suffers in general, is a sharp decrease in the rate of defecation accompanied by pain and aches in the anus, as well as difficulty in excreting stools. It is worth noting that constipation is one of the most common health problems that children and infants suffer from.

Scientists and doctors confirmed during the research that the problem of constipation in children and infants is due to several reasons, the most prominent of which is that the abdominal muscles in these small businesses are very weak and also need a longer time, as a week or several days can pass after the stomach becomes uncomfortable and stool is expelled, especially in infants who depend on it. Breastfeeding.

Signs of constipation in children:

There are some signs and symptoms that appear on the child or infant when he is constipated, including the following:
  • Irritability, as well as excess nervousness.
  • It is noted that the child does not defecate or excrete a sufficient number of times as usual, as the number of times may be reduced to 2 only during the week.
  • The stool itself is very hard, dry and large in size, which is not normal.
  • The child cries during defecation as a result of his feeling of pain.
  • Noticeable flatulence.
  • The appearance of some blood points with the stool.
  • The child always tries to change his body position continuously because he feels uncomfortable.

It is worth noting that a very large percentage of children who suffer from constipation have a very stable and normal condition and there is nothing to worry about, but there are other small percentages that are almost rare and must undergo analyzes and x-rays to find out the real cause behind the infection, especially if the child shows other symptoms such as vomiting and reflux. Fever, loss of appetite, or weight loss.

When does the child become constipated?

Studies, scientists, and scientific research that observed a large number of children, especially in the first period of their lives, confirmed that the first stages of a child’s life change the nature of intestinal movement, as well as the state of defecation, especially in children, as children become constipated at the beginning of three periods of their lives, and they are as follows:

  • During the first period of providing food to the child, whether it was grains, vegetables or mashed fruits, and the reason for this is the change in the nature of the digestive system from digesting milk to mashed food, and usually constipation can continue for several days and then end.
  • When training a child on the toilet during the period of taking off the diaper, the reason could be psychological.
  • A child may become constipated during the early days of the school stage, and the reason may be a result of changing the child's daily routine.

Although there are many other reasons, these reasons are the most prominent, and mothers and fathers must appreciate them well, provide appropriate treatment for each child, and solve the problem of constipation before it progresses and becomes very painful for the child.