Sunday, April 9, 2023

The extent of the impact of the Corona virus on the health of children

Corona virus effect on children:

The detector showed that the Corona virus does not have a negative effect on children, and this is what studies and research have found through two approaches to thinking:

  • Since the child’s body does not have immunity against all types of germs, it considers them all the same as each other, including the Corona virus. Therefore, his body is qualified to not have negative effects from these germs of all kinds. Therefore, divine conditions protect him from this virus and others.

  • The Corona virus only affected animals, so it found a new outlet to enter the human body, so it was difficult and strong for an adult, but for children, this outlet has not yet been formed.

Transmission of infection:

But the germ can be present in the child’s body and contribute to the transmission of the infection to others without showing signs of the disease, so it can transmit the infection to the elderly due to the fragility of their immunity, especially if they suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart failure, respiratory failure, and other diseases. ...because they are diseases that weaken immunity, and therefore this disease will have very negative and severe repercussions on their health.

Children and allergies:

In most cases, if the child complains of high temperatures, sneezing, and shortness of breath, this is considered a sign of allergic diseases, and in this case, the direct doctor should be contacted to clarify the situation.