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The game.. Toys according to the child's age

Toys according to the child's age:

Play is a fundamental part of development throughout childhood.
This is because through it, affective and cognitive processes are generated that are necessary for building relationships with parents, siblings, friends, teachers and others.

It is important to note that important bonds are created in the parent-child relationship through play.
During the first years of life, the game is part of the formation of identity and likewise, it is an important generator in the development of trust.

Psychological benefits of playing:

Through this, an emotional balance is achieved that allows you to be focused and at the same time have fun, which prevents you from getting bored and other feelings such as irritability or bad mood from coming, this can be counterproductive because in many cases in the face of evil The child's behavior The mother or father tend to get angry and this behavior makes the child feel worse and increase their irritable behaviors, which can lead to them breaking their toys or acting aggressively.

Which toy is the right one?

Toys provide a great intellectual value to the child, since from his first months of life they allow him to explore and develop motor skills using his hands or feet and other parts of his body.

Generally it is important to know how to choose toys since not all of them have great characteristics; A toy that allows the child to use their imagination and provides educational value is better than a mechanical toy that already has all the functions integrated, leaving little for the development of children's skills.

Parents' participation is important during the game, as this will allow them to create their first bonds of trust and social relationships for the game.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the child will not always want to play with someone, in some moments he will use a little more of his imagination and play alone, this is also healthy for the child's mental development and thus also avoid dependency.

What is the best play space?

In the first place, it is recommended that the child has a place to store his toys, whether it is a box, closet or having a specific space in the house as a place to play, since this will allow the child to feel safe and confident to use his toys. imagination; It will also strengthen order, since he must be taught to pick up his toys and leave them in the chosen place.

As previously mentioned, it is important that the child does not depend too much on his mother or father to play, he must also learn to play alone but not excessively because it will be detrimental to him, since this would affect his ability to make new friends; therefore, it is important to play outdoors, take him to a park to meet friends or simply visit his friends in order to share a certain time.

Toys according to the child's age:

3 months old:

The baby begins to be attracted by the objects that he identifies around him, but he has not yet developed the ability to attract them when he sees them, for this reason at this age it is important to make available to the child toys such as rattles, toys with music, objects of very bright colors that are safe for him.

5 months old:

At this time the child can already reach certain objects that attract his attention, so he must be aware of the objects that he cannot put in his mouth because they can represent a danger to him.

At this age it is important to provide him with toys that help stimulate fine motor skills, the baby can now sit with his toys in front of him under the supervision of the caregiver.

9 months old and the first year:

By this age the child already has a greater ability to manipulate their toys, they are beginning to take things out and put things in, they have the ability to put together cards and even to manipulate an animated book adapted to their age.

Between two and three years:

Children already tend to be interested in more elaborate games, playing kitchen, with cars and they imagine scenarios for each game they choose, they also show interest in storybooks and they really like imitation.

Between 4 years and older:

Generally at this age children already start their schooling where they learn new and different things, such as writing, reading, doing accounts, generally the best way to insert this knowledge in them is through play.

Starting this new stage is important because children begin to develop new bonds such as that of their friends or with their teachers.

At this stage, the game allows them to have a better understanding of the real world until they complete the cycle and give way to adolescence; During all this time, the game plays an important part in the creation of your personality and will help you to be prepared to start this new stage in your life.

final notes:

It is important to recognize the needs of the child, since not everyone has the same interest in the same things, the child can easily get bored of a toy or a posture.

It is important to keep in mind that the game also involves people and it will not always be the parents, also as the child grows he will find different friends with whom he will interact and begin to learn new things, rules and strengthen bonds of friendship.