Saturday, April 1, 2023

What are the common problems in newborns.. Jaundice. skin change. crying. Colic

Common problems in newborns:

Here are some of the problems seen in newborns:


It is a change in the color of the baby's skin and eyes to yellow, due to the breakdown of the baby's red blood cells. It is part of the natural adaptation process in the newborn and is not a sign that the baby is sick.

skin change:

Your baby's skin will continue to mature after birth, and the skin may appear dry or have areas of discoloration. Most of these symptoms are common and disappear within the first few weeks and do not require any treatment.


All babies cry, and some cry a lot. Maybe your baby needs a diaper change, a breastfeed or a hug, or he just isn't feeling well.


Some babies can get trapped wind (flatulence) and many people refer to this as colic. This is uncomfortable for both the baby and the parents but it is very common.