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Fayette Medical Center - Fayette - Alabama - USA

Fayette Medical Center


1653 Temple Avenue
Fayette, AL  35555
United States of America

Telephone Number:

(205) 932-5966

Hospital Website:

Fayette Medical Center in Fayette, Alabama, is a larger and more comprehensive healthcare facility compared to Evergreen Medical Center. Here's what I can tell you about them:

General Information:

- Part of DCH Health System:

Fayette Medical Center is part of the DCH Health System, a network of hospitals and clinics across Alabama.

- Services:

They offer a wide range of services, including:
  • Acute medical care: inpatient care for various illnesses and injuries.
  • Emergency care: 24/7 emergency room for urgent needs.
  • Specialty clinics: cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, neurology, ophthalmology, nephrology, podiatry, and more.
  • Surgical services: five-suite surgical department with a large recovery area.
  • Swing Bed Program: provides extended care after an acute illness.
  • Long-Term Care Unit: 122-bed facility for long-term care and short-term rehabilitation needs.


  • Electronic health records: they use a digital system to manage patient medical information.
  • Digital imaging: equipped with X-ray, CT scan, and MRI capabilities.
  • Other advanced technologies: depending on the specific department and service, they may utilize advanced equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

Patient Satisfaction:

  • Focus on patient-centered care: initiatives like patient-centered rounds, pain management programs, and patient education resources aim to improve the patient experience.
  • Online reviews: while not always a perfect indicator, reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook offer some insights into patient experiences.

Additional Resources:

  • DCH Health System Website:
  • Fayette Medical Center Website:
  • Patient & Visitor Information: