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Prattville Baptist Hospital - Prattville - Alabama - USA

Prattville Baptist Hospital


124 South Memorial Drive
Prattville, AL  36067
United States of America

Telephone Number:

(334) 365-0651

Hospital Website:



Here's a glimpse of what Prattville Baptist Hospital offers:

Emergency care:

Their emergency department is open 24/7, staffed by board-certified emergency physicians and nurses equipped to handle various medical emergencies.

Inpatient care:

With 139 beds, the hospital provides care for patients requiring hospitalization, covering medical, surgical, and obstetric needs.

Outpatient care:

They offer a wide range of outpatient services, including primary care, specialty clinics like cardiology and orthopedics, and diagnostic testing services.

Advanced technology:

The hospital boasts advanced technology like da Vinci robotic surgery, 3D mammography, and a cardiac catheterization lab, ensuring patients receive cutting-edge treatment.

Community focus:

Prattville Baptist Hospital is actively involved in community outreach programs, supporting health education and wellness initiatives.