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Russellville Hospital - Russellville - Alabama - USA.. vital healthcare hub for northwest Alabama

Russellville Hospital


15155 Highway 43
Russellville, AL  35653
United States of America

Telephone Number:

(256) 332-1611

Hospital Website:


Russellville Hospital, conveniently located in Russellville, Alabama, serves as a vital healthcare hub for northwest Alabama. Here's a rundown of what makes this 49-bed acute care facility a trusted choice for the community:

Essential Services:

- Emergency Care:

Equipped to handle any medical emergency 24/7, Russellville Hospital's dedicated emergency department ensures prompt and efficient care.

- Inpatient Care:

From medical and surgical needs to critical care, pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology, the hospital offers a comprehensive range of inpatient services.

- Outpatient Care:

Featuring essential services like radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, and various therapy options, Russellville Hospital caters to diverse outpatient needs.

- Diagnostic Imaging:

State-of-the-art imaging equipment combined with expert professionals at both the hospital and the Russellville Hospital Diagnostic Center provide accurate diagnoses.

- Swing Bed Program:

This program helps patients recover quickly while staying close to home by offering skilled nursing and rehabilitation services.

Commitment to Quality:

- Joint Commission Accredited:

Russellville Hospital adheres to the highest standards of healthcare delivery, evident by its accreditation by The Joint Commission.

- Top-Notch Staff:

A team of skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals provide personalized care and ensure patient well-being.

- Community Focus:

The hospital actively participates in community outreach initiatives, fostering a strong bond with the residents of Russellville.