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UAB Callahan Eye Hospital - Birmingham - Alabama - USA

UAB Callahan Eye Hospital


1720 University Boulevard
Birmingham, AL  35233
United States of America

Telephone Number:

(844) 822-3937

Hospital Website:


UAB Callahan Eye Hospital! A renowned center for all things related to vision, right in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama. Here's a comprehensive look at what makes this facility such a leader in the field:

Exceptional Care:

Nationally Ranked:

Recognized for outstanding patient care, treatment of eye trauma, and crucial research in eye disease.

Comprehensive Services:

From routine eye exams and preventative care to complex surgeries and cutting-edge treatments, they tackle a wide range of eye conditions.

Dedicated Specialists:

A team of board-certified ophthalmologists, sub-specialists, and skilled technicians provide expert care across diverse specialties.

Highlights of UAB Callahan Eye Hospital:

Level 1 Ocular Trauma Center:

One of only two in the U.S., equipped to handle any eye injury, 24/7.

Retinal Surgery & Eye Hospital:

Home to Retina Consultants of Alabama, offering advanced care for retinal diseases.

UAB Callahan Research Program:

At the forefront of eye research, leading to innovative treatments and breakthroughs.

Patient-Centered Approach:

Prioritizing communication, comfort, and individualized care for every patient.

Beyond Clinical Care:

Community Impact:

Actively involved in community outreach programs, raising awareness about eye health and providing vision screenings.

Continuing Education:

Committed to educating future generations of eye care professionals through residency and fellowship programs.


Convenient location, ample parking, and online appointment scheduling ensure hassle-free access to care.