Tuesday, January 2, 2024

UAB Hospital - Highlands: A Community-Focused Choice in Birmingham - Alabama - USA

UAB Hospital - Highlands


1201 11th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL  35205
United States of America

Telephone Number:

(205) 930-4939

Hospital Website:


While officially part of UAB Hospital, UAB Hospital - Highlands offers a unique experience with its smaller size and community-oriented atmosphere. Located on the southern perimeter of the UAB campus, it provides accessible and convenient healthcare closer to where people live.

Distinctive Features:

- Smaller Hospital Experience:

UAB Hospital - Highlands offers a more intimate and personalized setting compared to the larger main campus, fostering a stronger connection between patients and staff.

- General Acute Care Focus:

This campus concentrates on common medical and surgical needs, ensuring prompt and efficient care for everyday health concerns.

- Convenience and Accessibility:

Free parking, a shuttle service, and a location outside the downtown core make accessing healthcare easier for many Birmingham residents.

- UAB-Quality Care:

Patients benefit from the same high standards of care, cutting-edge technology, and expert medical specialists as they would at the main UAB Hospital.

Services Offered:

- Emergency Care:

Equipped to handle 24/7 emergency needs, the Highlands campus features a comprehensive emergency department.

- Inpatient Care:

Offering medical and surgical services, along with critical care, pediatrics, and obstetrics & gynecology, this campus caters to diverse inpatient needs.

- Outpatient Care:

Radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, and various therapy options are available conveniently onsite.

- Specialty Services:

While Highlands focuses on general care, access to specialized care and consultations with UAB Medicine experts is readily available.