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- Test should be kept away from light: Serum bilirubin.

- Test should be kept away from light:

  • A- Serum bilirubin.

Serum bilirubin is indeed a test that should be kept away from light.
Here's why:

Light sensitivity of bilirubin:

  • Bilirubin is a light-sensitive compound, meaning it can break down when exposed to light. This breakdown can lead to inaccurate results in the test.
  • Both direct and indirect bilirubin are affected by light, although direct bilirubin is slightly more sensitive.

Protecting bilirubin samples from light:

To ensure accurate results, serum bilirubin samples should be protected from light at all stages:
  • During collection: Blood tubes for bilirubin tests are typically covered in light-protective material.
  • During transport: Samples should be transported in light-protected containers.
  • During storage: Samples should be stored in a dark environment, such as a refrigerator, until analysis.
  • During analysis: The testing equipment should be designed to minimize light exposure.

Consequences of light exposure:

  • If a bilirubin sample is exposed to light, the measured bilirubin level will be artificially low. This could lead to misdiagnosis or underestimation of the severity of a condition.

Other light-sensitive tests:

Besides bilirubin, other tests that require light protection include:
  • Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin).
  • Vitamin B12.
  • Porphyrins.

Importance of proper handling:

  • Following proper procedures for handling and storing light-sensitive tests is crucial for ensuring accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.