Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Analysis of sugar in the blood and urine.. Power reduction sugar glucose and use strips

There are several ways to detect sugar in the blood and urine, including:
* Depending on the strength of shorthand sugar (glucose) it can use Vhlainj solution (Fehling ) Or Benedict (Benedict ) To detect glucose in the urine where Turns to color blue to red precipitate with heating.
** Use strips (Strips ) That contain the enzyme glucose oxide (Glucose Oxidase ) This analysis is the most comprehensive and accurate than its predecessor.
** Use glucose analyzers (Glucose Analyzer ) And this depends on the shorthand by the enzyme glucose(Glucose Oxidase ) And exit oxygen
Is appreciated by measuring pole oxygen (Oxygen Electrode ) And then measured electronically by these devices, and this is the way of the most accurate methods in the analysis of glucose in medical laboratories.