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Method of estimating the percentage of sugar in the blood of a person fasting.. Sample Preparation. Solvents used. Work test

It is important to make sure the person when taking a blood sample to be spent fasting period of not less than 8 -12 hours before the sample directly
First: the normal level of sugar in the blood :-( Normal Values )
And then return to normal after two hours of eating.
Second: samples: - Samples
Can have several sample images (serum / Serum Plasma or plasma Or spinal fluid CSF)
Sample Preparation:
Important notice: take into account the separation of serum or plasma after the withdrawal of the sample immediately with because left without disconnecting affect the concentration of sugar in the sample
To separate serum :-( Serum ) Withdraw venous blood sample is then placed in a tube Snterveug and leave for Ttglt then managed in a Alsntervaj
To separate the plasma :-( Plasma ) Withdraw venous blood sample is then placed in a tube I Snterveug mind such clots (EDTA ) And mix well then managed in Alsntervaj device 0 (enough separation of the sample in a way that one of the two methods)
Thirdly tools used:
- B Tube blank solution (Blank )
- S Tube standard solution (Standard )
- T tube sample of the person (Test )
- Absorbers size 10 microns and a 1 ml pipette (1000 microns) to separate solutions (Reagents ) Used in the test
- A color measurement device (Colorometar ) / Incubation (incubate )
Enzymatic method (Enzimatic method )
Glecose +0 2 + H 20   God   H 20 + Gluconate
H 202 + Phenol +4- Ap   God Quinonimine +4 H 20
Fourth: lotions used: (Reagents )
  R 1 Buffer Solution R2 Enzymes R3 Standard 100mg/dl
Is mixed package of R1 + R2 For the work of the reaction solution which is coloring solution (WorkingReagant ) And upon completion of confusion be limited validity of this solution ranging from 7 days at room temperature to a month in the refrigerator (at 3: 8 degrees), for example, so be prepared as needed.
After preparing pipes corresponding table is performed in Figure developing 10 micron tube of serum T And 10 microns of the standard solution in the tube S And can put 10 Maikarn distilled water in a tube blank B (Possible to ignore put the water in the tube last of the small size of quantity)
To complete the test is added 1 ml Of the reaction solutionWorking Reagant In three tubes B. S. T To complete the interaction and the emergence of color
- Leaves the test for 10 minutes in incubation at 37 ° or for 30 minutes at room temperature /
- Chaharbagh then adjusts color measurement at the selected wavelength to read the sugar (505 nm )(Wavelength )
- The device is set to zero blank solution (Blank )
- Put the contents of the tube S Kuveyt (Cuvet 's) Are then placed in the reading device to take the reading and recording
- Put the contents of the tube T Kuveyt (Cuvet 's) Are then placed in the reading device to take the reading and recording
:-( Calculation method of calculation ) To calculate the concentration of sugar in the blood required form (read standard solution and read the sample and standard solution concentration)
Sugar concentration In the sample
Trkizamahlol record = 100 (R3 Standard 100 mg / dl ) Given as a result of b mg / ml
Note: - The standard solution is a solution of known concentration Minutes beforehand by the manufacturer of the kit (Kit ) A known weight Bazabh of the substance to be measured in a given volume of distilled water, so it gives a fixed reading every time measuring 0
Example: - if read sample tube to a person on the device = 28. And they read the standard solution tube device = 32.
Calculate the concentration of sugar in the sample for this person with the knowledge that the concentration of the solution record = 100 and if the ratio was normal or not the spectrum if the sample taken for a person who is fasting.