Saturday, December 19, 2015

Colic.. Pain affects the abdominal area stretching from the lower chest to the end of the trunk because of constriction and energizes the stomach

Is pain that affects the Abdomen, and is the area extending from the bottom Chest To the end Trunk .Some believe that the abdominal pain is pain Stomach Some say that the reason for that is that in some cases be due to constriction and energizes the stomach.
What happens colic in babies? 
The real reason for colic when the infant is completely unknown but potentially child Infected colic influenced by the presence of gases in the intestines and the movement of these gases over Infant natural and therefore a lot of babies relax after output of gases Intestine.
When colic happens? Colic usually occurs in the period between the ages of twenty days and four months of age and more Colic occur or worsen in the evening and late at night and the child is in good condition Other times of the day and continue a bout of colic usually ten minutes until Sometimes becomes dark color of the child during a bout of colic and folding his knees on his stomach andCatching his hands relaxes If you stand out or remove the gas and go away more cases of colic When it becomes age Tql the four months.