Saturday, December 19, 2015

Constipation.. Passage of stools difficult or limited in the number of times defecate. Hemorrhoids or anal fissure or torn. Discord anal

Constipation (arrest) is a difficult passage Stools or lack in the number of times defecate (less than 3 times per week). Constipation Also can refer to the hardness stool or a feeling of incomplete evacuation .
Often misunderstood this problem and be treated inappropriately. It is known technically constipation Exit that hard stools for less than three times a week. The patient sometimes suffers from Feeling bloated and shrinking opposed. In fact, the natural tension of bowel movements varies Widely among people, three times a day to three a week. Constipation is not a disease exhibitors. Like fever, occurs when the cause factor among several Factors slowing the passage of food through the intestines Alglaith . These factors include the:- A lack of fluid consumption 
- Improper diet 
- Irregular bowel habits 
- Aging 
- Lack of physical activity 
- Pregnancy 
- Disease 
- Like many medicines that cause constipation in patient 
Although some cases of severe constipation that is disturbing, but the situation itself is Serious. But it continues to catch it may lead to other complications Kalpuasir or incision Anal or torn a so-called "discord anal".