Friday, December 18, 2015

Glipizide.. Less likely to cause a sharp drop in blood sugar Aljlaepjurajd

Algelebeizaid drug absorbed well from the intestine when given by mouth. For greater rate to reduce the level of blood sugar after a meal it is necessary to take this medicine before eating breakfast thirty minutes where that hinders the absorption of food intestinal Algelebeizaid.
And about 90% of the drug is metabolized in the liver to compounds is effective, and 10% of the drug is ejected through the urine is variable. It has a shorter half-life (2-4 hours) compared with drugs sulfonylureas powerful second-generation effect. And because of the short half-life, this drug are less likely to cause a sharp drop in sugar blood from Aljlaepjurajd. And duration of effect in the body 10-16 hours.
Therapeutic dose: 
Advised to use an initial dose and one $ 5 - 15 mg per day. And when you need to give higher doses per day, it should be divided and given before eating. The total daily dose advised by the manufacturer of the drug 40 mg per day, although some studies have indicated that the reduction   Maximum therapeutic effect of this drug can be achieved using a dose of 15-20 mg.
Not recommended using Algelebeizaid in patients who suffer from poor liver function or failure in kidney function and who may be vulnerable to a sharp drop in blood sugar.