Monday, December 21, 2015

Handal Bitter Melon or Bitter apple.. Material used in lowering blood sugar is the seed

Handal herbaceous plant creepy Muammar the original desert areas leg, especially in Saudi Arabia, and Handal of intense bitterness and plants usually exemplary is said (Handal order) .. Handal yellow flowers and fruits are similar in size of an orange or an apple with greenish color scheme ببياض before maturity and then turn yellow. Fruit and smooth .. Contain the core of a sponge which is attributed to him strong laxative effect is Handal of the strongest laxatives at all as contains a large number of seeds between spongiform pulp and seeds called Handal "Hped" .. Use of bitter melon all its parts, but the material used in lowering blood sugar is the seed, especially seed coat known as "novels on the short" and must get rid of the bitterness of bitter melon seeds washed several times with water and salt.
A complex recipe of most the previous herbal medicines and chrome called Blood suganr Say the American company called (Nature's Way) installed and natural character used to treat diabetes is the form of capsules and includes this recipe 420 mg of Securities Alberhom 0.255 mg of Securities Alawessh 0.260 mg of fenugreek seeds and 150 mg of each of the fruits of option Korean and seeds Handal and 75 mg of feed dry plant Aljmnaa 0.66 mg of Aljmnezek acid extracted from the leaves, Chrome Paulinkulinic (Cromium Polynicolinate) by 300 micrograms of vitamin "A" units by 1505 .
** Important note should not use this medication by pregnant women as well as nursing and is not used by diabetics only after coordination with the competent doctor.