Monday, December 21, 2015

Mumya.. Treatment of chronic bronchitis and asthma, sexual stimulant and anti-ulcer and discount sugar and against infections

Moumaa a homogeneous mixture of secretions plant and animal derivatives and metal similar in form tar steel but sometimes structure to structure a black or black as noted in the picture, and consists Moumaa when it rains where washed rain to low-lying areas where they accumulate in drilling certain, and when dry water These holes or depressions filled with textured Moumaa where gathered under certain control and cut into pieces and exported to different parts of the world. No Moumaa in specific places of the world, such as the Himalayas, Nepal, Altea the Pamir and Iran and Kashmir and some Russian regions .
Mumia several names where it is known in Persian as Asvalts and asphalt lake Hateful Hlajit metal and asphalt.
I have used Moumaa in Indian medicine for thousands of years to treat many diseases is the most important treatment of wounds and fractures as well as treat bronchitis and chronic asthma and booster sexually and anti-ulcer and discount sugar against infections, studies have shown that modern Moumaa contain chemical compounds many of the most important acid Volvic acid humic The three turbines and Sterolat and organic acids and carboxylic Allagiu and benzoic acid and hippuric acid, Bnzokumarin and resin and fatty acids and amino acids, and most important: glycine and methionine, asparagine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid and Altaarosen polyvinyl whining.
One of the main uses of modern Mumia use against disease diabetes which increases the level of insulin in diabetics, as the maintaining balance blood sugar as you Moumaa activate the immune system and anti-inflammatory in addition to her work Kamadadh for stomach ulcers and duodenal you to move minerals such as calcium and phosphorus and magnesium into muscle tissue and bone considered Moumaa of better drugs to treat wounds.
It caveats that must be followed not to increase the dose where that Moumaa contain hippuric acid and coumarin that cause blood thinners .
The proposed 200 mg doses two to three times a day for 25 to 30 days and can repeat the treatment after one to two weeks of downtime treatment.