Sunday, December 20, 2015

Know the immune system to hackers.. Identify the offending protein strange body proteins and the generation of antibodies from plasma protein

The work of the immune system in the body's defense basically depends on identifying the offending protein strange proteins the body .. And generating antibodies from plasma protein by cells to lymph private .. In the case of entry of the same protein strange - Or the same microbe - a second time for the body, the memory (Memory) Immunological recognize this protein or microbe strange, and operates its own antibodies to unite with him and remove it, there is no infection occurs again .. This mechanism appears in the body's immune reaction neighborhood when the animal is injected experiences for the first time strange about protein (antigen) and quantification of antibodies generated in animal blood in liquid(Serum) .. After the first injection starts form antibodies that
Up to a sufficient quantity to protect the body after a period of time (Refractory period) Estimated at about two weeks .. If we leave the animal (rabbit, for example) then for some time, then injection Aaodna same Alontegn for the second time; we note the high rate of the amount of antibodies in the blood means (Serum) When the animal quickly and a large amount .. Has been to take advantage of it to fortify the body processed vaccines and serums of weakened or dead microbes, or microbial toxins discouraging .. These vaccines when injected into the body - Calculated doses and harmless - Have the ability to provoke immune lymphocytes to produce antibodies to them .. These antibodies give the body immunity and protects them from infection with the same microbe. 
Has extended the idea of vaccines and serums for the intervention of some microbes debilitating installing the types of drugs covered by the patient in some cases - According to instruct the doctor - to stimulate the immune system and stimulate; formation of antibodies to these microbial species, faces foreign body infection caused by these microbes.
In the case of the ordinary man - Which does not suffer from the problems of immune - immune system will recognize efficiently to any foreign body sneaking or invades the body in one way or another, and will work to rid the body of the "intruder" .. This process, which is to protect the body in normal circumstances to humans is that some doctors may Ptthbytha in cases of special remedial(Immunosuppressive treatment) Such as organ transplants (Transplantation) Or tries to doctors overstepping the case of resistance in immune transplants using tissue from the same body for transplantation elsewhere for the same person; in order not to be rejected and fought by the immune system .. In the case of organ transplants from other objects; the future person for transplantation be vulnerable because his immune system works to fight the new member - Or the offending tissue - implanted in the body .. So the doctors are trying to control the reactions of rejection from the body using therapeutic doses retardant action of the immune system in general in the face of any kind of the offending protein for body proteins (Non-self or foreign protein) .. But this treatment inhibitory immune moving - With modern medical transactions - to try to make it specialized, and inhibitory immune to go for a particular protein resistant, a protein competent transplant process, while retaining the rest of the immune system By effectiveness trends .. And using modern techniques of genetic engineering .. Although the medical dealing here goes - Temporarily - toward inhibition of the immune system, or soothe immune rejection of transplanted New member within the human body; but we may we include this deal under the name of medical immunotherapy, or immunotherapy for a casual situation.
The worm hepatic Fasciola It may another method in dealing with the immune system is able to transfer immune cell function of cells resistant to bystander cells do not make no difference where you switch the function of white blood cells and change the distribution, but the effectiveness of toxins such as liver worm and schistosomiasis S.mansoni The deadly malaria. This method is called b Modification of leucocyte function .
The malaria parasite also immune By scattering efforts and the introduction of the immune system in fighting far from him; even without his host Joe control by raising the immune system to produce antibodies is specialized at all, this method is called scientifically Polyclonal lymphocyte activation .
The fifth type of this means fields covered in parasites that live for a long time in the host may run into the tens of years, such as schistosomiasis S. mansoni Namely the establishment of a link between its own antigen and antibody Antigen antibody interaction This association deposited in some vital cells, such as the kidneys, causing kidney failure, lung, causing asthma.