Sunday, December 20, 2015

War of the immune system against foreign objects.. Generate antibodies in the body as a result of known lymphocytes strange protein

The immune reaction - Between Alontegn (Antigen) Or protein strange (Foreign protein) And between the antibody (Antibody) - Privacy is a severe reaction .. In the sense that the antibody does not react only with Alontegn presence only .. When a person becomes infected with disease such as measles, it consists in his body - As a result - antibodies to measles microbe face and fight any invasion of the body of the same microbe, do not get the same rights measles twice .. It is said here that he acquired immunity(Immunity) Measles .. But the presence of these antibodies in the human body does not guarantee him immunity against microbial infection other than measles .. It gets, for example, the parotid gland or whooping cough or other microbial infections and injuries of different ..
The disease are the body's immune against the same microbe (Alontegn), unless there was another microbe very similar in composition Palmkrob which generates antibody .. In this case antibody reacts with protein - Like - the other efficiently correspond with the degree of similarity and convergence of latest Alontegn and presence of the antibody in the beginning. 
These antibodies (Antibodies) Generated in the body as a result of known lymphocytes to a foreign protein in the body (The recognition of non-self or foreign protein) In case something goes wrong in identifying distinctive immune protein body protein curious about, the immune cells is preparing an army of autoantibodies (Autoantibodies) To fight a body proteins (Self protein) , And the resulting diseases caused by this imbalance in the immune system (Immunologic diseases) . But this is contrary to the nature of that work through immune lymphocytes in normal circumstances to attack and remove toxins and foreign objects that find their way into the body through infection or injection or biting insects or other.
Inflammation Inflammation   .
When penetrating foreign body (antigen) surface membranes of the body, it causes inflammation, a complex set of processes, occurs in the place of infection, with four distinctive markings, are: rednessredness   , And hot hotness , And tumor swelling   Then pain Pain , Which is called the interaction of Schwartz and show these hallmarks of inflammation; result aneurysm increased and Rhode blood to the place of infection and increased enzymatic activity. As a result of inflammation resulting from infection increases the arrival of immune cells in blood, and increase its focus on the affected part is working to attack foreign cells.
And a redness of the whereabouts of the UFO be the result of blood flow to blood vessels, and be accompanied by a tumor, followed by the arrival of many cells to the site of inflammation; to participate in the process immune to get rid of the UFO, and manifestations associated with inflammation temperature rise as a result of the secretion of substances by cells called cytokines. In the case of severe infection, the lymphocytes up to the site of inflammation to divide and multiply.